Tuesday, June 28, 2011

From the Studio

Big news: We recorded all of the tracks for our debut album last week!

Our time at Hammerhead Studios with Ritchie Rubini and Nick DiDia was great. The many hours of preparation that we put in during June were truly worth it. We were able to play our songs in a relaxed manner and we’re really proud of how they sound. Expect to hear your favorite tunes along with a couple more that you may have never heard before.

We would love to see your faces at the Record Release Party on July 29 at World Café Live at the Queen. The Spinning Leaves and Johnny Miles (both Philly favs) are joining us on the downstairs stage.

Even bigger news: To date, you’ve pledged about $3500 to our Kickstarter campaign! We need $7500 to cover the costs of the album and we’re 40% there with 52 days to go. That being said, we REALLY need your help to finish things off. Every little bit helps and we’ll give you something cool in return.

Check out our page here.

Thanks for reading/watching/listening/supporting,